Trilogy Integrated Camera System brings an all in one solution to the law enforcement agencies for recording, browsing and managing evidence media.

With two channel video recording on demand, you will get the most convenient solution for recording evidence media. Integrated body camera (PT-Lite) allows users to transfer footage from In-Car camera to the cloud easily. Our unique way of playing syncronized footage allows users to initiate, synchronize and view all three channels of video from the same scene (Body Cam, Front & Rear Channels) or to use the body camera as a body microphone.

Dash Camera

- Dual Channel In Car DVR

- 1080p Front Camera

- 720p Rear Camera

- 60 Seconds Rre-record

- Synchronized Recording

- Synchronized Body Cam

- Automated File Transfer

Using Body Camera

- GPS Logging

- 170 Degree Lens

Recording Triggers:

- Lightbar

- High Speed

- Body Cam Record Button

- Impact Sensor

- 2 User Defined Triggers

Body Camera

- Impact Resistance

- Dust & Water Resistance (Ip65)

- Syncronized Recording

- Replaces Body Worn Radio Mic

- One Touch Recording

- On The Go Classification

- Optopnal Clip Mounts


- 1080p HD Recording

- Compact Size Dash Camera

- Rugged Body Camera

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