Pannin Pole Cameras

Pannin Pole Cameras Are Bringing The Latest Technology To The Streets

The Pannin pole mounted camera system can be used in several applications from Law Enforcement, Campus security, Military and Homeland Security solutions. Our System features an easy mounting system for quick deployment and easy relocation. We offer several camera and record options as well as local, edge and cloud storage solutions.

Product Features

- Lightweight Aluminum


- Quick connect wall and pole

bracket for one-man installation

- Locking front door panel for

easy access to Equipment

- Flashing Blue Lights

- Designed with standard PTZ mount

and Wi-Fi and Mesh Pole Adapter

Communication Options

- 4G LTE cellular service

- Wi-Fi access

- LAN wired network connection

- Point to Point Radio


Power Source Options

- Shore Power 120VAC / 12VDC

- Solar Power System

with Battery Backup

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