License Plate Recognition Systems

Your Eyes On The Road

Advancements in license plate recognition (LPR) technology have enabled police agencies worldwide to apprehend more wanted suspects and recover more stolen vehicles, all while improving the safety of those on duty. Choosing the right LPR system, though, is vital to ensure a reliable solution to detect suspected vehicles and potential threats.


The AutoVu Sharp family of IP-based LPR devices leads the industry in license plate read rates, ensuring an effective solution for police operations. The Sharp and SharpX are designed to provide the most accurate plate reads every shift, more plate reads in bad weather, or at poor angles, and even at high speeds. From vehicle mounted systems to fixed perimeter installations, AutoVu enables organizations to automate license plate identification, and share critical data amongst officers.


AutoVu Patroller is the intuitive in-vehicle control interface of the AutoVu system, providing easily accessible features for officers onboard, and allowing them to monitor incoming reads from LPR cameras. With touch-enabled functions, training on the system is easy for operators of all levels of technical experience.

Security Center is Genetec’s unified security platform that provides real-time monitoring of AutoVu events, alarm management, as well as advanced data-mining and reporting capabilities. As license plate reads and hits are gathered from patrolling units in the field and from fixed AutoVu Sharp units, information is relayed to Security Center operators. In the case of fixed applications, not only can operators monitor the incoming reads from LPR cameras, but can also view live video that is captured from the Sharp camera.

Product Features

- Fuzzy Matching

- Covert Hotlists

- In-Vehicle Mapping

- Automatic Events and Alarms

- Wildcard Hotlists

- Live Data Transmission

- Third-Party System Integration

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