NOPTIC Thermal Imaging Camera



This thermal imaging camera is the one and only spotlight mount (patent pending) provides quick pan and tilt capabilities required for successful surveillance.


Cheap imitators that move slow, or are fixed mounted, just can’t deliver the results. The vehicle mounted NOPTIC thermal imaging camera enables you to conduct quick and easy night vision surveillance with its highly acclaimed panning and tilting capabilities. In addition, the ability to pan and tilt the camera, with the spotlight off, allows for the timely and tactical use of the spotlight.

Hand-held TI devices can spend 99% of their time in the trunk or back at the office, but with this it's at work all night every night. Since the camera uses passive infrared sensing technology, it is not affected by oncoming headlights. The camera operates in complete darkness and at temperature extremes of – 40F to 176F. It also has a built-in lens heater that activates automatically at temperatures below 40 degrees F to keep the lens clear of frost and ice.


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