Automatic License Plate Recognition | Mobile LPR

License Plate Recognition (LPR), Automated Number Plate Reader (ANPR) or Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) is an easy to use system that can be installed on your existing laptop or in-car processor. It can often operate with an existing DVR system providing significant cost savings. Police and Law Enforcement users can select from a range of cameras to meet challenging ALPR requirements.



Key to its success is the officer-friendly user interface which contains large clearly identified buttons allowing a user to easily interact with the system during vehicle operation. A touch screen option removes the need for a keyboard while audible license plate alarms can be processed with a couple of button pushes. Cameras can be unobtrusively installed inside and/or outside the vehicle allowing the officer to capture plate images covertly and check all plates against 200 hotlist databases.

ALPR has been used in downstate Illinois to recover 35 stolen vehicles in the first three months of use
A Chicago area suburb booted $110,000 worth of outstanding tickets within the first two weeks of deployment
A second Chicago area suburb has been booting 5-10 vehicles per day while collecting debt in excess of 7 years old
The Chief commented: “This product has paid for itself in less than 30 days”

Instant results can be achieved to increase parking revenues by tracking bootable offenders and dramatically increasing collection rates
Capturing and archiving license plates has proven invaluable to investigative and criminal intelligence
Officer safety by providing on-screen driver/ owner information prior to approaching vehicle

Manual in-car input of wanted vehicles
Configurable audio alarms
Captures JPEG images of vehicle
Records the plate read, date, time along with GPS coordinates of each vehicle location
Event data is watermarked onto the image
Instant searching of data with full or partial plate matching

Scofflaw/Revenue Collection
Village Vehicle Sticker Enforcement
Traffic Management
Automatic Ticket Printer Field Populating
Recovery of Stolen Vehicles
Intelligence Gathering
Local/State/Federal Hotlist Apprehension
Speed Enforcement
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